Lashing Out



With summertime here, lots of beach days are ahead. Wearing waterproof mascara to plump up your lashes at the beach or the pool is fine. But it gets clumpy and often doesn’t work.

Instead, create lush, long, dark lashes without doing damage. Novalash Lash Extensions are your best bet. After testing out various companies, I found Novalash to be my favorite. Novalash has the only pharmaceutical grade, formaldahyde-free adhesive here in the states. Additionally, the Novalash adhesive dries a high gloss, rich black which gives great definition to your eyes.

There have been rumors circulating that eyelash extensions may damage your natural lashes, but as a professional makeup artist and esthetician, I’ve been applying extensions for over 3 years and I am here to tell you this is not the case. If you pull, curl, rub, or apply mascara to extensions, they can and will break off your natural lash. But just be sure to evaluate your natural lashes. If they’re beginning to look weaker, I advise taking a couple months off and coming back when your lashes have grown thicker. (A lash growth cycle is 5 weeks.)

Don’t be afraid, dive in.

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