Getting Rid of Those Pesky Ingrown Hairs!

A proven formula to get rid of those pesky ingrown hairs!

As women, we have all experienced those annoying, embarrassing ingrown hairs in “that” area. Whether we shave “it” or wax “it”, it seems the majority of women have experienced the challenge of getting rid of, or keeping away, ingrown hairs. I’ve been in the skin care business for the last 23 years and I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. I’ve dug nice little holes in my flesh, swearing I would get rid of that pesky ingrown hair, only to end up with a huge, inflamed, angry looking crater in my skin. Not fun.

So, what actually causes these ingrown hairs?

Simply put, the building up of dead skin traps the hair that is growing back after hair removal, and that same dead skin keeps the hair from coming through, causing it to curl back into the follicle and create the bump and ingrown, in some cases even leading to infection.

So if you follow these 3 easy steps in the shower, EVERYDAY, those pesky ingrowns will be just a bad and distant memory, or at the very least, you will surely see them a lot less often:

original1. Exfoliate

Since we know ingrown hairs are caused by dead skin, the first and most important step in preventing them is exfoliation. Therefore, using a manual exfoliator everyday in the shower is an absolute MUST. In my studio and online store, I carry the Korean Body Mitt, an amazing and incredibly effective exfoliator which doesn’t harbor bacteria and is small enough to use all over my body.

2. Proper products in the shower

Orange Peel (2)It’s so important to use a soap or body wash that is natural and will naturally exfoliate. There are a number of natural ingredients that offer gentle exfoliation. My favorite is Goat’s Milk. The lactic acid contained within it is a most fabulous and gentle exfoliant and I am very proud to announce that I’m now carrying and offering through my studio and online store the lovely and natural, hand-crafted soaps made by friends of mine in Montana. Henpecked Farms uses the milk from the goats on their farm in these incredible and luxurious soaps. They add in essential oils for various natural scents and healing properties. My skin has never been smoother or softer. I use the soap with my KBM (Korean Body Mitt) and have noticed the “chicken skin” or “KP” on the back of my upper arms is getting better.

3. After Shower Care

Trust me, over the years I’ve wasted piles of money and tried a GAZILLION ingrown relief serums, gels, lotions and sprays. And this is by far the most effective on the market today. And unlike a lot of the products I’ve tried, this will not dry out your skin.

ingrown zoneStep 1: Ingrown (Zone) Serum Spray

After you dry off from the shower, you spray on the serum and let it dry. Use once a day.

Step 2: Coconut Oil

This will hydrate and heal your skin. It’s incredible.  Use the Coconut Oil once a day, usually at night, since the Ingrown (Zone) is used after the shower in the mornings.

That’s it! 🙂

Pretty simple, but the key is patience, consistency and NO PICKING at your ingrown hairs!!!

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